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Search Field

  1. Click the field and enter the keywords (analyte, CAS Method Number, matrix). (See also: Search Rules.)
  2. As you type, autosuggestions appear. You can choose from the list, or continue typing.
  3. Click the Search icon.

Advanced Search Options

  1. Click Advanced Search.
  2. Choose the search field: Keyword, Analyte, Matrix, Method Category, Technique, CAS Method Number, Publication Name.
  3. Enter the query. (See also: Search Rules.)
  4. Select the logical operator.
  5. Select the next field, and then enter the query.
  6. To add another query, click Add Search Criteria.
  7. To remove a query, click the X.
  8. To clear the form, click Clear.
  9. To execute the search, click the Search icon.


Search Rules

  • Words that you enter into the search box are searched as separate terms joined by the logical AND. All words must appear in the method, but not necessarily in close proximity or in the same order.
  • To search for a specific phrase, enclose the words in double quotes. The exact words, in order, will be searched as a single term. In the case of fields with controlled vocabulary (such as Analyte, Matrix, and Technique), synonyms for the term will also be retrieved.
  • Words or phrases that you select from the list of autosuggestions are automatically placed in double quotes and searched as a single term.
  • Multiple words entered into an Advanced Search field are automatically searched as a single term.

Example: Single-Term Query


Example: Multiple-Term Query


Example: Multiple Words As a Single Term


Execute a Recent Search

  1. To execute the query from a recent search, click the Recent Search name.
  2. To remove a recent search from the list, click the X.

Retrieve Saved Results

  1. Click Saved.
  2. To retrieve the results of a saved search, click the query name.