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Filter Results

  1. Check a box to filter the results by Analyte, Matrix, Method Category, Technique, and Year. The list is reduced. (See also: View All Filter Values.)
  2. You can check additional boxes to filter the list further.
  3. Uncheck the boxes to remove the filters.



Select an Analyte option to display results containing a particular analyte or analytes. Note, other analytes may still be present as some methods have multiple analytes.


Select a Matrix option to display results containing a particular matrix or matrices.

Method Category

Select a Method Category filter to filter your results to those that fall under a specific CAS methods category. This filter is great to focus on a general type of methods.


Select a Technique option to display results containing a particular technique. This filter will focus the displayed results to a specific technique, like HPLC.


Year displays the range of publication years for all source references in the result set. To specify a range of publication years, enter a beginning year and an ending year, and then click the Apply button.
The specified range of years is highlighted in the bar graph, and the page displays only those results in that range. Hovering over a bar displays the year and number of results.
To clear the date range, click Reset.

View All Filter Values

The top five values for each filter can be accessed from the left pane. To see more filter values, click View All.


By default, the top 100 values display by the number of associated methods.


Click Alphanumeric to display an A to Z list of all values.


To find a specific analyte, click Search, enter the name, and then click Find.


Check the selection box for one or more filters, and then click Apply.


The results are filtered by the selected values.


Save Search and Results

Click the Save button to save searches and selected methods/results to your Saved page.


In the Save Results window, you have the options to include selected Filters and Results. The Name field (which you may edit) is prepopulated with the search query.

If no results are selected, the search (and filters if checked) are saved.


Saved Page

Click the Name of a saved item to rerun the search with any applied filters.

Click a Selected Results link to display the the saved selected items from the search.

Click the ellipsis or three dots for options to copy a link to email or share and to delete the saved item.


Sort Results

Select the Sort option: Relevance or Publication Year.


Sort by Relevance

Sorted by relevance, results display in descending order based on how well the query (e.g. water) matches a record in the database.


Sort by Publication Year

Sorted by publication year, results display in descending order based on the publication year of the method source.


Group Results

Select the Group option: Method or Document.


Group by Method

Grouped by method, each result is a distinct method that may share the same source.


Group by Document

Grouped by document, each result is a distinct source that may have multiple associated methods.


For results with multiple methods, click View All Methods to view them as a separate result set.



Access Full Text

To view full-text options for a source reference, click the Full Text button and then select your in-house resources (My In-house links in the below example), DOI or View all Sources.

In-House Resources

If configured by an institution, clicking a link will open a separate window/tab displaying the reference in the institution's library catalog.


Selecting DOI (digital object identifier) will open the webpage where the full text of the journal is available.


View All Sources

Selecting View all Sources opens a page in a separate tab that, depending on the reference document type and your account, may display some of the following options:

  • In-House Resources: If configured by an institution, clicking a link (My In-house links in below example) will open a separate window/tab displaying the reference in the institution's library catalog.
  • DOI: Clicking the link under this option opens the Web page where the full text of the reference is available.
  • Fee-Based Document Resources: Click the Order Document link to open the Article Galaxy page, where you can order a copy of the document.


Download Results

  1. Select results by the page or individually.


  2. Click the Download icon.

  3. Select what you would like to include (Abstracts/Details), the format (PDF/XLS), and then click the Download button.