What's New: June 2024

  • Updated
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Compare Update

  • More easily locate the Compare button to add a method to the compare tray.
  • Preview all methods selected for compare in the new Compare tray.
  • Remove selected methods from the Compare tray as needed.
  • On the updated Compare page:
    • View all relevant data for easy comparison across selected methods.
    • Click the document title to view the document detail page in CAS SciFinder.


Export Update

  • Exports in the .XLS format have been updated to include CAS branding and copyright information.
  • Both the Results export and Detail page export have been updated.



Home Page Update

  • New background image for CAS Analytical Methods.
  • Locate Help and Training information from the Support button located on the homepage, Advanced Search page, and Explore Methods page.
  • Explore Methods has a new Icon and placement on the homepage.